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Vietnamese users still have a week to upgrade to Windows 10 free

Users of Windows 7 product key and Windows 8.1 devices need to upgrade to Windows 10 before the free upgrade expires on July 29.
Nearly half of all eligible devices in Asia face the risk of missing a free upgrade to Windows 10 by July 29.
According to StarCouter, 48.5% of PCs in the area are still using Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 product key. Here are two valid platforms that are free to upgrade to Windows 10.
According to a StarCouter report, more than 60% of valid computers in India face the risk of missing out on upgrades, South Korea 58.2%, Thailand 57%, and the Philippines 56.4%.
Microsoft Vietnam has just released the message, encouraging local users to upgrade to Windows 10 free to experience the new features of the platform.
Microsoft is releasing a new Windows update, called Windows 10 Anniversary Update, on August 2, which adds six new features, including security features, Windows Ink, and Windows features. digitally written on the device as on paper), improved Cortana, improved Edge browser performance, better game experience and improved features for modern classrooms.
According to recent surveys, Windows 10 product key is available on about 350 million devices, providing the highest level of satisfaction compared to previous Windows versions with more than 135 billion hours of use so far.
After July 29, unmodified devices will have to purchase Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Microsoft added the Search with Bing feature to Notepad on Windows 10

In Microsoft's recent release of Windows 10 Insider Build 17666, Microsoft added the Search with Bing feature to Notepad on Windows 10. This feature allows users to select text in Notepad, then select "Search with Bing." "to open the default browser and search the selected text.
Microsoft added the Search for Bing feature to Notepad on Windows 10 product key. Windows users can use this new feature by notepad window, select the text you want to search and click Edit => Search with Bing ... Alternatively, right-click on the selected text and select the Search with Bing option from the menu, but first you need to know how to open Notepad on your computer first.
Although the addition of the Search with Bing feature to Notepad on Windows 10, it is useful for users to find the selected text more easily. However, the new feature will be even more useful if users can configure which search engine they want to use.
Sure, this move by technology giants is that users are paying more attention to Bing searches, instead of adding new features that will allow Windows product key users to customize as they like.
Bing search appeared in the tools of the past is not rare, if you ever used Word 2013, will encounter Bing search here, you refer to how to change the default Bing search engine in Word 2013 for more details.
Today, AR (Virtual Reality Enhancement) technology and VR (Virtual Reality) are becoming more popular. Chrome will soon allow users to experience the AR, without the need for the app to create a better working environment for everyone using the Google Chrome browser.

Windows 7: Pros and Cons in Security

Windows 7 is considered the most secure operating system ever by Microsoft, but it's not perfect yet. Please mark the pros and cons in the security of Windows 7.
In the latest Security Intelligence Report published by Microsoft, there has been a dramatic improvement in the level of security from Windows XP to Windows 7. However, no operating system is really perfect. Although Windows 7 is considered a "solid fortress", there are still weaknesses to be defeated. Let the top two security experts, Reguly and Wisniewski point to the strengths and weaknesses of this fortress.
New improvements
Microsoft office 2016 product key has made significant improvements to Windows kernel protection and added new security features in the migration and development process from Windows XP to Windows Vista. With Windows 7, some security features are enhanced and Microsoft has not forgotten to add new features.
Here are some key security features of Windows 7:
ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) and DEP (Data Execution Prevention) are two features that were previously available in Windows Vista, but have been significantly improved on Windows 7.
1. ASLR: is a security mechanism that randomly assigns data to memory in order to increase the difficulty for attackers to take advantage of loopholes in the system.
DEP is a feature that has been featured on Windows XP product key, which has the effect of preventing attacks through system buffer overflows. In addition, DEP also blocks malicious code and processes running on the system. Read more about how to enable DEP on Windows XP and Vista introduced by Dan Tri.
"The ASLR has really been improved in Windows 7, where library files (DLLs) are loaded randomly into the memory address," said Wisniewski, senior consultant for security firm Sophos. every time you start the system. Malware often relies on fixed files in memory for exploits, and this technique has taken advantage of that vulnerability of malicious software. "
Wisniewski noted that DEP now protects the Internet Explorer web browser and the backbone of systems previously unprotected in Windows Vista.
2. BitLocker: The first disk encryption feature introduced by Microsoft in Windows Vista. Initially, this feature could only encrypt the Windows installation partition, and was later expanded in the SP1 upgrade, to encrypt other partitions of the hard drive, but still could not encrypt the drive. External hard drive or USB.
With Windows 7, Microsoft has integrated the ability to encrypt data on a USB drive, and this feature is really effective, protecting dozens of GB of data, said Tyler Reguly, chief engineer at security research at nCirle. on removable storage devices.
Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8): This browser is not really Windows 7 product key because it can be downloaded and used on older versions of Windows. But both Reguly and Wisniewki agree that IE8 is a step in the right direction.
3 Tyler Reguly commented: "The launch of IE8 shows that Microsoft is really concerned about browser security."
"IE8 has added a new protection feature called SmartScreen, similar to the security features of Google Chrome or Firefox," Wisniewski adds. This is a web filtering feature, which blocks malicious websites to protect users. "
The "holes" have not been "filled"
As mentioned above, although Microsoft is making every effort to improve its security, none of the operating systems is really perfect, and Windows 7 is the same. Here are a few shortcomings that perhaps, Microsoft must pay more attention to in the next version of Windows.

Windows 7 is still growing faster than Windows 10

According to a new report released by Microsoft in late October, the company has stopped trading for two Windows 7 and 8.1 platforms, leaving only PC makers with a choice of Windows 10. However, Windows 7 still shows its attractiveness to technology users.
Microsoft is said to be doing everything possible to bring Windows 10 to PC users, as well as smartphones. However, it seems that users are not very keen on this latest version of Windows.
A survey from SC Magazine UK reports that about 65 percent of Windows-based devices are still using the 7-year-old version of Windows 7. Accordingly, reports from NetMarketShare say Windows 7 even writes has been growing faster than Windows 10 product key for more than two months now.
There is no reasonable explanation for this strange phenomenon. It seems that the users after a period of time upgrade to Windows 10, finally chose to return to the old version more familiar to you.
It is worth mentioning that these parameters are recorded after a very long process of Microsoft in the effort to promote Windows 10, as well as prevent users to come to the old operating system. Notable developments include: Continuous updates on older versions, new features in Windows 10, discontinued Windows 7 and 8.1, production of new processor chips (Zen and Kabi Lake) does not support older versions of Windows.
Launched in 2009, Windows 7 is quickly becoming the most popular version of Windows users, and has the highest user rating so far. We are talking about seven years of growth and revenue for Microsoft, while two versions of Windows 8 / 8.1 product key only lasted just four years.
However, Windows 7 product key is well-known by many experts, as well as by Microsoft, which warns about security issues. SC Magazine UK reports that there are about 600 serious security breaches in the operating system that could lead to users becoming attacked and losing personal information.
The use of old browsers that are no longer supported, such as Internet Explorer, is also causing users to face similar threats. It is known that there are still about 20% installed IE and older versions of Flash.
In addition, the report says there are still about 10,000 people around the world using Windows XP - a 15-year-old version and officially reported to Microsoft in April 2014.

Windows 8 competes with Windows 7

Windows 8 is the most anticipated operating system, with new technologies in place. But does Windows 8 really outperform Windows 7's predecessors? Make a few comparisons to find the answer.
Boot time: Windows 8 surpassed Windows 7
Of course Microsoft office 2016 product key did not exaggerate to assert that Windows 8 is significantly faster than previous versions of Windows.
In the process of installing Windows 8 and Windows 7 on a single computer, Windows 7 took about 92 seconds to complete the boot process, while Windows 8 took only 38 seconds.
Meanwhile, testing on the ultrabook, which is equipped with smart start technology, Windows 7 takes 29 seconds to boot, while Windows 8 more impressive, in less than 10 seconds to complete. its boot process.
Data Copy Speed: Windows 7 is faster than Windows 8
Although Microsoft has a Windows 8 data replication feature, which allows users to pause the copying process and back up after the need, however, in the process of testing the results again Windows 8 is not as fast as Windows 7.
During testing on the Dell Inspiron 15 computer, when the same copy for 4.7 GB of data, Windows 7 product key showed a maximum speed of 24MB / s, while Windows 8 reached a maximum of 23MB / S.
This difference is greater when tested on tablets (Samsung Series 7) and ultrabook (Asus Zenbook). In particular, Windows 7 in turn reached the maximum speed (corresponding tablet and ultrabook) is 68 MB / s and 98 MB / s. While, on the same device, Windows 8 only achieves a maximum speed of 27MB / s and 34MB / s, much lower than Windows 7.
Performance evaluation by software: No significant difference
When using the PCMark07 evaluation and scoring software on the same computer (laptop and ultrabook), the end result is that there is not much difference between the performance of Windows 7 and Windows 8 product key.
Specifically, Windows 8 scored 1,442 on the laptop and scored 3.964 on the ultrabook. Windows 7 achieved a more modest result, with only 1,278 points on the laptop and 3,606 on the ultrabook.
However, the difference of 100 or 200 points on system evaluation software like PCMark07 is not a big difference and does not make much sense about the performance difference.
This test can not be tested on a tablet because the device does not support the software.
Processing Speed: Windows 7 Overcomes Windows 8
Using OpenOffice's Speardsheet Test spreadsheet tool, with 20,000 spreadsheets, Windows 7 takes just 12 minutes and 45 seconds to complete when running on the Samsung Series 7 tablet. While Windows 8 takes up to 14 minutes 8 seconds at similar test conditions.
When tested on ultrabook Zenbook by Asus, results achieved more (thanks to the superior configuration of the ultrabook) when Windows 7 only took 5 minutes 50 seconds to complete the calculation, while Windows 8 also lost to 8 minutes 55 seconds to do the same thing.
Performance graphics processing: basically equal
Using graphics performance benchmarking software, the results are quite similar across both operating systems.
Specifically, when using 3DMark06 software on the laptop, the score of Windows 8 achieved is 1.689, close to the result of 1.725 that Windows 7 achieved. When experimenting with a game (especially "World of Warcraft"), both operating systems showed an average speed of 17 frames per second.
Similarly, when using 3DMark06 on a tablet, Windows 8 scored 1650 points, slightly ahead of Windows 7's score of 1642. When experimenting with the same game on a tablet, Windows 7 reached its full speed. at 11 frames per second, while Windows 8 reaches a maximum of 13 frames per second.
Similar tests on the ultrabook show that Windows 8 has a graphics processing speed that is somewhat superior to Windows 7. In particular, Windows 8 scores 4.360, which is significantly higher than the 3.761. Windows 7. When testing gaming, with high graphics settings, Windows 8 can reach speeds of 28 fps, well ahead of Windows 7's 26 fps.


Windows 7 and 8 crashed causing the computer to crash

A newly discovered bug allows any site to cause a Windows 7 ultimate product key or 8 computer to crash by editing a simple image name.
To exploit the bug, a web page will change the directory path for an image by inserting the string "$ MFT" into its name. This is the tag used to identify the "Master File Table" contained in a special file on the NTFS file system. This is a database of all the files found on the system and is usually hidden from being accessed.
As the browser tries to download such image files, affected operating systems including Windows 8 product key will not be able to process the $ MFT as a directory (instead of a file), resulting in an error loop lock. file system.
In the mean time, the next system activity will be queued during lock release waiting, resulting in significant machine downs. Shortly after, all programs will not be able to access the file system due to this condition, which can lead to the computer crash or the worst possible crash, causing a blue screen of death.
The above description shows that the new error is quite similar to the similar "c: // child / child" error on Windows 95 and 98 in the past. The danger is that this error is easily triggered by altering the file directory of the image file, so this would be quite an annoying problem.
At the present time, the safest way for users to avoid the above-mentioned errors is to not visit malicious or untrusted sites.
For the Microsoft part, the company is said to have received an error message but has not yet developed a fix. Fortunately it looks buggy it does not affect the Windows 10 product key system.

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Windows 10 still does not support Snapdragon 845

Microsoft office 2016 product key has released a Windows update on April 10, 2018 with version 1803 offering some new features, but it is worth noting that it still only supports Snapdragon 835.
Qualcomm has released the Snapdragon 845 for a while, and rumors have it that Windows 10 product key will finally support the SoC chip. Windows 10 with Snapdragon 845 is expected to be available in the second half of 2018, so people may have to wait for the next update for Windows 10 with the new code name Redstone 5.
Microsoft's ambitious plan to bring Windows 10 systems running the x86 application-capable ARM processor was announced in December 2016, and the first devices will use Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 chipset. This has been demonstrated with the HP Envy x2 and Asus NovaGo PC models shipped with Windows 10 version 1709 or the Fall Creators update.
It is worth noting that the Snapdragon 835 chip used in the computer is not the same as the chip used in the phone. Computer makers and Qualcomm have not yet announced or listed the specifications of the system based on the Snapdragon 845 mobile platform. The lack of support for the chip in Windows 10 version 1803 could be due to New chip has not been finalized.
Initial evaluations of ARM-based computers are of interest, but since it's the first generation, it may not be optimal. So, our second generation promises to bring about efficiency.

Up to 9 versions of Windows 8

For Windows 7 product key, Microsoft offers six versions, with Windows 8 product key increasing to nine.
According to Engadget, through the registry access when installing the version of Windows 8 Consumer Preview is being provided free Microsoft, software experts have discovered that Windows 8 can have up to 9 different versions.
Windows 8 Starter Edition, Windows 8 Home Basic, Windows 8 Home Premium, Windows 8 Professional, Windows 8 Professional Plus, Windows 8 Enterprise, Windows 8 Enterprise Eval, Windows 8 Ultimate will be available. and Windows 8 ARM Edition.
Most likely, the version of Windows 8 Enterprise Eval will be a trial version of Windows 8 Professional Plus, the Office 2012 Office suite adds support for Sharepoint and Office Communications Server applications, while Windows 8 ARM Edition is the only release. for tablets.
Currently, Microsoft office 2010 product key has not made any comment about the information.

Windows 7 PCs stop selling by the end of 2016

Want to buy a pre-installed Windows 7 product key or 8.1 computer? You have less than a year to do this, CNET said.
Microsoft has announced on October 31, 2016 will terminate the sale of computers pre-installed operating system Windows 7 Professional and Windows 8.1. Accordingly, users can only choose to buy computers that are pre-installed Windows 10 after this date.
The move makes users feel uncomfortable when they are so accustomed to using Windows 7 and forced to choose the new operating system when buying new computers.
For Microsoft office 2016 product key, this is an important step in the successful implementation of the target of 1 billion machines running Windows 10, so that all devices running the same operating system will be synchronized with each other as a PC, tablets, cell phones.
However, users who own a computer running Windows 7 need not worry because Microsoft said they extend the technical support until the end of 14.1.2020 and still provide the patch patch regularly . Similarly, Windows 8 will be supported technically until 10.1.2023.
Although the support deadline is extended for Windows 7 and 8.1, Microsoft still wants to push users to switch to Windows 10 product key because of the consistent benefits that the operating system brings.
Windows 10 was released in July and is available free of charge to Windows 7 users and 8.1 licenses in the first year.

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